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Franziska Tyka, Polish Bandit Queen - 1927

FULL TEXT: Berlin. – American women gangsters might well take lessons from Franziska Tyka, notorious Polish bandit.

The Bobbed Hair Bandit was a piker compared to her. But ambitious American women criminals who might like to receive instruction will have to wait. She has just been sentenced by the Criminal court Rybnkik, in Polish Upper Silesia, to seven years’ hard labor. It was proved that in the last five years she and her gang of about 20 men committed 31 robberies, and they are suspected of countless more.

Franziska was no ordinary robber chieftain. For her life was a pleasantly varied but pleasantly interwoven of love and loot, or, rather, loot and love. Franziska’s motto was “business first, pleasure afterward.” During the last ten years she and her gang were the terror of Upper Silesia, and she was both the terror and idol of her gang.

~ A False Halo. ~

A false halo of romance surrounds her crimes, which outshine the most imaginative efforts of the writers of the most lurid fiction. When Franziska stood before the judge in Rybnik she lifted her small soft hands – an alluring figure for all of her forty-one years – and begged for mercy for those of her band who were captured with her. Coquettishly throwing back her golden blond bobbed hair, she told him: “I committed all these robberies in the full confidence of the unshakable love of my men and in the belief that they were loyal to me to their death.”

Her life of crime began 22 years ago, when she was nineteen. She said she was driven to commit her first breach of the law. She conceived an intense hatred of society, which she indulged by her crimes. She led a life in which no demoralization was strange to her. Yet still she retains her feminine charm. No judge would have suspected, without the evidence submitted, that with these small and soft hands she had herself thrown the torch into peaceful farmhouses to start the fire which preceded the pillage.

Twenty men, between the ages of twenty and fifty, followed her command in the forests around Pless and Rybnik. A word from her and they would sally forth to attack and plunder peaceful settlements. The terror done, they would hasten back to their encampment. For ten years they worshiped her – her courage, her criminal brain and her sex. For Franziska had been mistress of them all in turn. That was her ultimate power over them.

~ Led Band in Person. ~

The fact was fully established at before she and her gang started on their raids, after all preparations were complete, she undressed completely and thus led her band to battle. Jealousy between the members of the band she kept down by feminine tact and kindness.

But fate at last overtook Franziska through one of her latest lovers, one of her gang who was fifty. For some time he believed he was unduly neglected by her. At last his jealousy drove him to betray her to the Polish police. Surrounded by a cordon of police and soldiers in their forest retreat, she and most of her band were starved into surrender.

With this capture the robberies around Pless and Rybnik have ceased. Those few of the band who have escaped have scattered to the four winds. Without their sweetheart and captain they are helpless. They are waiting impatiently the end of the weary seven years to come when she will be restored to liberty and to them. But will she be able to charm them seven years hence?

[“Woman Bandit Rules Her Band By Lure of Sex – Polish Woman and Gang Starved Into Capture After Many Crimes.” The Woodville Republican (Mississippi), Feb. 25, 1927, p. 1]



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Catherine Muthoni, Accused Cannibal Spree Killer – 2015, Kenya

February 17, 2015, Korogocho, Nairobi, Kenya – Murder victims: Muthoni’s baby boy (1 week); neighbor’s children: Nyambura Gatei (4), Peter Gatei (10 days).

No news reports dating from after the arraignment of the suspect in early July 2015 have been found.


FULL TEXT (Jul. 9, 2015) – A woman accused of murdering and eating her son has denied the charges in a city court. Catherine Muthoni, 20, has been undergoing psychiatric evaluation for more than two months after she was accused of killing her son and two other children belonging. The court heard that Muthoni had attempted to strangle her aunt in their house following disagreements with her husband.She reportedly had just delivered the baby boy and had lived with her aunt for a few days. Police said that the Muthoni turned her anger on her son who was asleep after her aunt sneaked out of the house. She allegedly slit the toddler’s belly with a kitchen knife, ate his intestines and part of his heart before drinking his blood.

The accused is said to have gone to her friend Nelius Muthoni’s house where she killed her two children. Police arrived in time to save the Muthoni from an angry mob that was baying for her blood. She was arraigned in court on February 19, but was taken to Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Kayole after she appeared weak and unable to talk or walk without support.

The accused, according to doctors at the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, used strange terms to communicate and recommended further psychiatric evaluation. Muthoni denied the charges and was remanded in custody until November 2, as she is also facing murder charges at another court.

“I didn’t kill and eat my son — Korogocho woman,” SDE Entertainment News, Jul. 9, 2015]


[Another source: Stella Cherono, “Police detain woman in gruesome Korogocho triple murder,” Daily Nation (Nairobi, Kenya), Feb. 17, 2015]





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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Natalia Baksheeva, Russian Confessed Serial Killer – 2017

News reports appeared September 25, 2017 about the arrest of a cannibalistic serial killer couple in Krasnodar, Russia, Natalia Baksheeva, 42, a nurse at a military academy, and Dmitry Baksheev, 35. Neighbors reported that both were frequently seen in public in an intoxicated state.

Investigation of the pair began on September 11 when a discarded phone was discovered by road construction worker Roman Khomyakov containing gruesome photos of severed human body parts, including “photos of a man with different parts of a dismembered human body in his mouth,” according to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Police were able to identify the phone’s owner.A day after the phone’s discovery a bag containing dismembered, female believed to be Elena Vashrusheva, was discovered a military aviation school dormitory near the couple’s home located within a military base.

A Police raid on the couple's apartment building turned up over half-a-dozen body parts, canned flesh, body parts in saline solution, frozen meat (possibly human, and 'recipes' for cooking a human. In the courtyard and basement were additional body fragments.

“Dmitry Baksheev has reportedly confessed to two murders – that of the woman photographed on the phone and an additional 2012 killing.” Yet Natalia “has reportedly confessed to being involved in preying on, kidnapping, killing and eating at least 30 victims since 1999.”

Natalia had apparently cooked remains of victims into meat pies which she sold around the military academy.

[“Kuban Cannibals: Russian Couple Accused of Killing, Eating 30 People Detained,” Sputnik,  Sep. 25, 2017]
[“Selfies with human remains: Russian ‘cannibal couple’ detained after gruesome find,” RT, Sep. 25, 2017]
 [Will Stewart, “’Cannibal couple made human meat PIES and supplied them to local restaurants after luring female victims on Russian dating sites',” Daily Mail, Sep. 27, 2017]
[, “Russian ‘cannibal couple’ may have drugged, killed and eaten as many as 30 people, police say,” Washington Post, Sep. 26, 2017]






For more cases see: Cannibal Murderesses


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“Women Hold Up Half The Sky,” it is said.

What does “Women hold up half the sky” mean? And where does this saying come from?


The saying is attributed to Mao Zedong (1893-1976), Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party. Although no documentary source has yet been identified, one scholar, Perry Link, asserts that the words appeared in 1968 in China (which was the most brutal period of the Communist China’s mass murders and tortures under the guise of the Glorious Cultural Revolution). “Historians believe somewhere between 500,000 and two million people lost their lives as a result of the Cultural Revolution.”

In the US, the phrase seems to have originated with a 1972 Communist Party paperback.

A good short overview pof the Cultural Revolution:
Tom Phillips, “The Cultural Revolution: all you need to know about China's political convulsion,” The Guardian, May 10, 2016

In Wikiquotes editors’ notes it is wrote:

Perry Link, in An Anatomy of Chinese: Rhythm, Metaphor, Politics, notes that it should actually be "Women can hold up half the sky", Funü neng ding banbiantian 妇女能顶半边天, and says that it was said "apparently in 1968."

Also: “Haven't found any contemporary source, though it appears that the phrase was used in the early 1970s - for instance, 1975 publication from Beijing.-- [From: Wikiquotes, Talk page; Larrybob, Sep. 18, 2015]




Mao’s plan: “Our objective is to struggle against and crush those persons in authority who are taking the capitalist road... so as to facilitate the consolidation and development of the socialist system,” one early directive stated.

Frank Dikötter, the author of a new book on the period, says Mao hoped his movement would make China the pinnacle of the socialist universe and turn him into “the man who leads planet Earth into communism.” Tom Phillips, “The Cultural Revolution: all you need to know about China's political convulsion,” The Guardian, May 10, 2016


From the book Women Hold Up Half the Sky (1972):

To make a revolution, we will need to activate the entire working class and all progressive people in this country. Women make up half the people and only with the active participation and support of the greatest number of women can our revolution win victory. We seek to build a powerful women’s movement now – to answer the crying needs of women and to combat the discrimination and degradation that all women suffer under the capitalist system.

. . .

- Welcoming Speech by Micheal Klonsky Chairman of the October League International Women’s Day Celebration Los Angeles, March 11, 1972 -

On behalf of the October League, I would like to warmly welcome everyone to this International Women’s Day meeting which is being held to express our solidarity with the oppressed women of the world, who are heroically fighting against imperialism and its male supremacist policies and ideology.

International Women’s Day has become a great part of the revolutionary tradition of the working class around the world. This week in the Peoples Republics of China and Albania and other socialist countries, militant celebrations are taking place stressing the unity of men and women in the struggle against exploitation and oppression.








Sunday, August 27, 2017

Female War Criminals

This is not a complete list, by any means. It attempts, however, to be more diverse than the typical list of female war criminals. There are many more German National Socialist Workers Party female war criminals than are listed here. Because Germany was defeated at war it was possible to conduct full investigation into war crimes. Such is not the case for Communist regimes such as People’s Republic of China, Soviet Union, North Korea and others, where archives have not accessible.


1700s-1800s – Dahomey female warriors – Dahomey (Benin)
1828 – Ranavalona the Cruel, Queen – Madagascar (*religion)
1919 – Russian Female Red Guard – Latvia
1919 – “Rosa of Kiev” – Russia/Ukraine (CHEKA)
1919+ – Vera Grebeniukova (aka Dora) – Odessa, Ukraine (CHEKA)
1919+ – Rozalia Zemliachka (Rozalia Samuilovna Zalkind) – Ukraine (CHEKA)
1919+ – Rebecca Platinina-MaiselArkhangelsk (CHEKA)
1944 – Piroska Dely – “Beast of the Arrow Cross” – Hungary
1945 – Johanna Altvater – Germany – Ukraine, Poland: “Holocaust of Bullets” (German National Socialism)
1945 – Hermine BraunsteinerConcentration camp “free-lance killer” (German National Socialism)
1945 – Irma Grese – Concentration camp “free-lance killer” (German National Socialism)
1945 – Erna Petri – (German National Socialism)
1946 – Valentina Bilien – “Death panel“ nurse (German National Socialism)
1946 – Anna KatschenkaDeath panel“ nurse (German National Socialism)
1946 – Gerta OberheuserDoctor (German National Socialism)
1946 – Ella Schmidt, Liesel Bachor & Kathe Pisters – Official child care providers
1946 – Marianne Tuerk (Türk) & Margarethe HeubschDeath panel“ physicians
1961 – Sanette Balmir – Haiti (death squad)
1971 – Madame Max Adolphe – Haiti (*Political Serial Killer)
1975 – Ieng Thirith – Communist Cambodia (arrested 2007)
1992 – Martina Johnson – Liberia – 1992 “Operation Octopus”
1992 – Albina Terzic – (Croatian) Yugoslavia – convicted 2011
1992-3 – Azra Basic – “Bloody Azra” – (Croatian) Yugoslavia
1992-3 – Adisa Hodzic (Croatian) Yugoslavia
1992-3 – Elfete Veseli – (Croatian) Yugoslavia
1992-3 – Indira Kameric (Croatian) Yugoslavia
1992-3 – Elvira Hadziomerovic(Croatian) Yugoslavia
1993 – Rasema  Handanovic – Yugoslavia – convicted 2012
1994 – Angeline Mukandutiye – Rwanda
1994 – Pauline Nyiramasuhuko – Rwanda
1996 – Astini (aka Bu Lakri) – Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia
2010 – Simone Gbagbo – Ivory Coast


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Interviews with the Director of THE RED PILL movie – Cassie Jaye

Most of the following are video interviews, a few are audio only. The first few date from the period following the completion of shooting footage and before production and editing had begun.


Mar. 20, 2014, Paul Elam,Paul Elam Interviews Filmmaker Cassie Jaye on The Red Pill,” 54:12, USA

Oct. 30, 2015, “Chatting with Cassie Jaye!” Black Trident TV, 26:08, USA?

Nov. 1, 2015, Interview with Cassie Jaye by Janet Bloomfield and Ethan Ralph, "Killstream #4," The Ralph Report, pub. by Janet Bloomfield, 2:02:45, USA

Nov. 3, 2015, Cassie Jaye (statement), “Everything you need to know about ‘The Red Pill’ documentary film,” Cassie Jaye (Youyube account)9:46, USA

Oct. 7, 2016 - The Red Pill, International Film Premiere in New York City

Oct. 8, 2016, Alison Tieman, “The Secret Inspiration for The Red Pill” (2 parts), 21:30+19:22 (pub. Oct. 13, 2016), Canada

Oct. 17, 2016, “Taking the Red Pill with Cassie Jaye,” This Alt-Right Life (#25), Matt Forney, on PlayerFM, 48:18, USA

Oct. 24, 2016, “Cassie Jaye on Feminism and Men's Rights Activists (Part 1 of 2),” Rubin Report (2 parts), David Rubin, 33:46+28:25, USA

Nov. 9, 2016, “Sargon of Akkad, Discussing The Red Pill with Cassie Jaye,” Sargon of Akkad, 2:02:27, UK

Nov. 13, 2016, “Cassie Jaye - In Depth Interview in Los Angeles,” Studio Brule, 40:32, Canada

Nov. 13, 2016, “Fireside Chat 12: The Red Pill and Cassie Jaye,” 1:41:15, Canada

Nov. 24, 2016, Interview with Cassie Jaye, The Bolt Report, Andrew Bolt, Sky News, 15:58, Australia

Dec. 8, 2016, “Cassie Jaye interviewed by Emma Barnett,” BBC Radio 5, Mike Buchanan (pub.), 12:21, UK

Dec. 9, 2016, Stefan Molyneaux, “Take the Red Pill,” 1:13:41, Canada

Dec. 16, 2016, “#102 HOLLYWOOD TRUMP TANTRUMS! Alex Jones, Sally Kohn and Cassie Jaye,” Louder With Crowder, USA (see 1:46:05-2:09:00; of full: 2:19:08)

Dec. 29, 2016, Tom WoodsTV, 39:53, USA
A Feminist Takes a Second Look at the Men's Rights Movement”

Jan. 4, 2017, “Are the Cards Stacked Against Men?: Censored Filmmaker Speaks Out,” (Ep. 12 | Season 3), The Fallen State (Jesse Lee Peterson), 28:12, USA

Jun 11, 2017, “On Australian morning news show Weekend Sunrise, Andrew O'Keefe and Monique Wright "interview" filmmaker Cassie Jaye about her movie The Red Pill:,” 7:31, Australia

Jan. 8, 2017, Interview with Cassie Jaye (excerpt), The Project, Channel 10, Australia, 5:05; Note: it seems the Project had pulled the original video in response to criticism

Jan 29, 2017, Cassie Jaye interview, The Red Pill Birmingham screening,” I only fear phobophobia, 12:19, UK

Mar. 7, 2017 - The Red Pill, International digital release (NetFlix “declines” featuring the movie)

Mar. 17, 2017, CBC Calgary, 4:07, Canada

Apr. 27, 2017, “The Red Pill - Interview with director Cassie Jaye,” Film Quote Compile, 21:37, UK?

May 5, 2017, “THE RED PILL-Australian Radio Interview with Cassie Jaye,” jumpingformenandboys, 24:04, Australia

Jun. 14, 2017, “Andrew Bolt interviews Cassie Jaye After ‘Hostile’ Australian Media| Red Pill 2017,” The Bolt Report, Sky News, 8:28, Australia

Jun. 14, 2017, “Director of the Red Pill movie, Cassie Jaye, talks to the Unshackled's Tom Pirrone,” The Unshackled, Australia, 5:25

Jun. 16, 2017, “The Red Pill: Former Feminist Talks Metamorphosis, Awakens To Human Destiny,” Alex Jones, 36:30, USA

Jun. 21, 2017, “What’s Wrong With the Mainstream Media?” Mark Latham, Rebel Media

Jul. 14, 2017, “#196 Is Net Neutrality Good? Ben Shapiro and Cassie Jaye ,” Louder With Crowder (108:23) @ 41:23, USA

Jul. 17, 2017 (pub.), “Cassie Jaye on Laci Green & Media Backlash,” Honeybadgerradio, 15:30, Canada (recorded in Australia)

Jul. 29, 2017 (pub.), Cassie Jaye on Australian Media, her 'Red Pill' moments, and why she's not an MRA, Cassie Jaye YouTube, (Footage by filmmaker Jordan James with Citizen X Productions), 7:01

Jul 29, 2017 (published), Jun. 12, 2017 (recorded), “Cassie Jaye's UNEDITED Interview with The Age (Good Weekend) Australia - AUDIO ONLY,” Cassie Jaye YouTube, 1:02:35




Saturday, June 17, 2017

For Carrie Bickmore: A Sketch of a Research PROJECT Australian Domestic Violence – Violence-by-Women

Australian broadcaster Carrie Bickmore, is interested in the tragic domestic violence cases in which a parent murders a child. Regrettably, accurate information on Violence-by-Women is exceedingly hard to come by. This post offers brief notations on Australian cases in the hope that Australian scholars and researchers will follow through and create a thorough presentation of this overlooked, important if disturbing topic.

The image is taken from the notorious edited broadcast of Carrie Bickmore’s deceptive and bullying interview of the world’s most controversial Cassie Jaye, director of The Red Pill (2016, USA).

Also see:
Female Serial Killers of Australia
Maternal Filicide:


Australia - Domestic Violence – Violence by Women – A CHECKLIST
(includes mental illness cases)

(incomplete, in progress; many involve suicide of the murderess; att the moment we are only identifying the murder victims in this checklist)

1874 – Clara Donoghoe – Sydney, Australia – 1 child (Dec. 4)
1884 – Margaret Kelly – Jerilderie, near Yankee Station, NSW, Australia – 2 chn (Nov. 29)
1888 – Emma Elizabeth Aston – Upton park, East Ham, Australia – 2 chn (Apr.)
1888 – Mrs. Wm. Doyle – Dawson, near Toongabbie, Australia – d (11), s (9 mo)  (Nov. 12)
1891 – Mrs. Watson – Jumbowie, SA, Australia – 1 child (Mar. 1)
1893 – Balmain mother – Balmain, Australia –1 child (Jan. 9)
1894 – Mother (Name?) – Ecuuca, Eaglehawk – 1 child (Dec.)
1894 – Sarah Masters – Dandenong, Australia – d (19 mo) (Dec. 7)
1895 – Clara Maddin – Townesville, Australia – 1 child (Feb. 27)
1895 – Harriet Trippiett – Lauriston, Australia – 1 ch (6 wks; decap.) (discovery Feb. 1)
1898 – Amy Stewart – Auckland, Australia – 1 child (Jun. 28)
1898 – Mrs. Catherine Glover –Triabunna, Tasmania – 6 chn (Mar. 1)
1898 – Mrs. M’Carthy – Yarraville, Melbourne, Australia – 3 chn (May 11)
1898 – Ellen McNabb – Mount Alexander, Australia – 1 child (Nov. 25)
1899 – Edna Joehenson – Richmond, Australia – 1 child (Jul. 11)
1899 – Mrs. Youngman – Albert Park, Victoria, Australia – s (12) d (8, rescuded) (May 13)
1899 – Ann Rhoda Kidney – Woollahra, sub of Sydney, Australia – 1 ch (9 mo) (Jun. 9)
1901 – Mrs. J. C. Drummond – Naranghi, Australia – 1 child  (Jan.)
1901 – Mrs. Laffy – Australia – (Oct. 8)
1901 – Mrs.  (James) Day – Coleraine, Australia – 4 chn (May 31)
1901 – Mrs. Chamberlain – Port Melbourne, Australia – 2 daughters (Dec. 24?)
1904 – Clarinda Hope SelbyNorth Bangaroo, Australia – 2 chn (Nov. 15)
1906 - Mrs. Albert Lambert Townsville, Australia 2 chn (Jan. 13)
1907 - Elizabeth Smith – Clifton, Australia – 1 child, slit throat, near decapitation (Feb.)
1908 – Madame Soulard – New Caledonia, Australia – 3 chn (Mar. 27)
1910 – Cornelia McClusky – Bendigo, Victoria, Australia – brutal, 3 chn (Aug)
1910 – Mrs. Keys – Sydney, Australia – 3 chn (May 18)
1912 – Florence Grace Gerson – Bunbury, Australia – 1 child (Oct.)
1912 – Lillian May Wakefield – Crabtree, near Huonville, Australia – d (4), d (4 ½ mo),. D (7 mo) (Jul. 21)
1913 – Sara Gouley – Wellington, Australia – 1 child (Mar. 30)
1913 – Agnes Ferry – Dimboola, Australia – 1 child (Nov. 3)
1914 – Mrs. Delaney – Felimington, Victoria, Australia – son (10) (Oct. 26)
1915 – Annie Sophia Thiel – North Yanae, Victoria, Australia – 2 chn  (Dec.)
1916 – Ms. (Borraelough?) – Koerlong, near Mildura, Australia – Son, Earle (14), d Deborah (11) (Sep. 9)
1918 – Elizabeth Gibson – Broken Hill, Australia – (Gladys (d, 22) (Oct. 25)
1924 – Alice Maud Dodds –  Melbourne, Australia – 1 child (Jul. 28)
1924 – Mrs. Saeter – Newcastle, Australia – daughter (Apr.)
1925 – Madeline Annie Maher – Sydney, Australia – 1 child (Apr. 15)
1926 – Margaret May Wellsmore – Alexandria, Australia – 2 chn (May 21)
1927 – Mrs. D. Lauren – Babinda, Australia – 1 child (Nov. 14)
1927 – Tryphene Rae – Gore, Australia – 4 chn (Apr. 11)
1928 – Martha McNeill – Rozelle, Sydney, Australia – 1 child (Sep. 22)
1929 – Mrs. W. Gavin – Kingsland, Australia – twins (Aug. 7)
1929 – Ruby Miller – Surat, Australia  – 2 chn dead, 2 critical cond. (Dec. 6)
1929 – Mildred May Roberts – Bankstown, Australia – 1 child (Mar. 19)
1930 – Iris Osborne – Stanmore, Australia – 1 child (Jan. 2)
1934 – Martha Turner – Malvern (Melbourne, Australia – 2 chn (May 1)
1935 – Rose Elsie Friend – Gladstone, Queensland, Australia – 1 child (Oct. 19)
1935 – Irene Gladys Taylor – Carroll, Australia – 3 chn (Jan. 30)
1939 – Helen Benson – Carrington, Australia – 2 chn (Jan. 10)
1944 – Thelma Alice Sinclair – Ungarie, Australia – husband, 1 child (Jan. 30)
1948 – Mrs. Vincent Lilian Rydge – Vaucluse, Sydney, Australia – son (5) (Sep 30)
1951 – Mary Bradley McDonald – Brisbane, Australuia – d (6), s (8 mo) (Jun.)
1953 – Carol MacDonald – Mahwah (New Jersey), Australia – 4 chn (May 3)
1953 – Dorothy Milne – Kirawee, Australia – 2 chn (May 26)
1954 – Lima Mary Harrison – Newcastle, Australia – husb (false jealousy) (Jun. 21)
1954 – Elsie Myra Banner – Essendon, Australia – 1 child (Mar.)
1965 – Laura Ann Corry – Point Yernon, Mervey Bay, Australia – 1 child (Jan. 25)
1968 – Mavis Green Gardner – Medlow Bath, Lithgow, Ausrtralia – (Sep.)
1972 – Mrs Apolonia Quarisa – Griffith, Australia – 3 chn (Jun. 28)
1977 – Mrs Marjorie Dorothy McGree – Nowra, Australia – 1 child (Oct. 8)
1993 – Gunn-Britt Ashfield – Nowra, NSW, Australia – Ashfield, now known as Angelic Karstrom, and her then boyfriend, Austin Allan Hughes, beat John Ashfield, 6, to death with a hammer (Aug. 1993)
2001 – “Hunter Valley, Australia Mother” – Hunter Valley, Australia – son (5, survived), (7 mo, survived) (Nov. 25)
2002 – “Sandstone Point Australia Mother” – Unnamed Mother (Mother-perpetrator), Unnamed Father (Father-”Left-Behind”); Sandstone, Point Australia Murder = November 22, 2002. (bodies found); Sentenced to life
2008 – “Canley Heights mother” Australia – 2 children (Feb. 19)
2010 – Gemma Killeen – Perth, Austalia – 1 child (Nov.)
2014 – Raina Thaiday – Cairns, Australia – 8 chn (Dec)
2015 – Akon Guode – Melbourne – Bol (1), Hanger (4), Madit (4); Alual (6) survived
2015 – Cara Lee Hall – Leda, Western Australia – husb, att murd 2 chn (Dec 6)
2000 – Katherine Mary Knight – Aberdeen, NSW, Australia – cannibal murd. of husb.